Book Title
3 Sentence Summary
Teacher initials
1.Diary of a wimpy kid
Jeff Kinney
Greg Heffley's life is almost ruined because of a journal his mom bought him and, people make fun of him for it .His best friend Rowley embarrassed
him even more witch makes his life even worse.At the end of the story Rowley eats a moldy piece of cheese and Greg stands up for him and says that he ate it.
2.Oggie Cooder
Sarah weeks
Oggie Cooder is just a normal kid that carves cheese into states when he is nervous, but one day a girl named Donnica Perfecto (a girl that gets mostly everything she wants) asked Oggie Cooder to show her how to carve cheese, he accepted. She went to a hidden talent show and tried to carve and Oggie got nervous for her and started to carve too. At the end Oggie had an [[#|opportunity]] to go Hollywood and perform his talent and maybe win 10,000 dollars but he refused.
3.Oggie Cooder Party Animal
Sarah weeks
Oggie Cooder is invited to Donica perfectoes [[#|birthday party]] (the richest girl in [[#|the school]].) Than she gets mad and try's to make him remember 101 birthday party rules and he does! He goes and then he decides it wasn't that fun without his real friends so he left.
4.A Series or Unfortunate events,*The Bad Beginning*
Lemoy Snicket
The parents of three Baudelaire children Violet, Klaus and Sunny had died in a house fire. The Baudelaire children had to move in with a very very mean uncle that gave them chores , slapped them,and even tried to kill sunny the youngest.He tried to get the Baudelaire fortune by marring violet and he couldn't get away with it.
5.A Series or Unfortunate*The reptile room*
Lemony Snicket
The three Baudelaire children are living with a man that have a huge reptile room with mostly snakes. One day there new father decided that in a few days they will go on a adventure to paru to find snakes. He hires a man to go with him and that man turns out to be Count Olaf!
Gorillas can often be seen doing things humans do like picking there nose or even throwing up.Gorillas eat grass,tree bark,and branches.They usually travel in a group of 10-12.
Mary Shelley
A guy named Victor really wanted to be a scientist when he grew up. One day when he had grown up and was going to a college that was for science he and been secretly going to the graveyard to examine dead bodies! As soon as he found out how to make a live human being he made a horrible monster by accident and it eventually killed his family!
8.Bone *Rock Jaw Master Of The Eastern Border*
Jeff Smith
Two guys named Fone Bone and Smiley go into the wilderness to return a lost rat creature cub to the mountains. While they were on there way to the mountains they were approaching Rock Jaws territory (master of the eastern border) and he found them! Fone Bone,Smiley and the rat creature cub had to follow and owbay him until they planned a trick on him and escaped (not for long).
9.The Washington Redskins
The Washington Redskins have 91,665 seats in there stadium *the largest in the NFL*. The Redskins are one of the dirtiest teams when pro football. The Redskins have played since 1932!
10.The Greatest Football Records
Terri Dougherty
This book is a book all about football and the exiting records of football. In this book Randy Moss a Patriots player led both the 1998 vikings and the 2007 to record scoring seasons! My favorite part of this book is when a Vikings player named "Iron man" ran the wrong way and scored a safety for the other team!
11.Moby Dick
Herman Melville
This book is about a guy named Ishmael and his journey on a boat. He had always wanted to be a whale catcher and one day he found a town that had a group of whale catcher so he joined! He had went on a big ship that took him all over the world and he had experienced 2 catches and had lost his ship got demolished because of a huge whale called Moby Dick.
Jon Scieszka's
Three kids named Venus, Micheal,and T.j are putting together a SPHDS that would improve the world if they got one point three million people to agree on it and they finally did! Then a evil alien took over the system and it trying to make it a big parking lot and destroy everyone. The AAA department tries to stop him and at the end you will find out if they do or don't.
13.The Great Hamster Massacre
Katie Davies
This story is mainly about a boy named Tom his brother and their neighbor Suzanne.They are trying to get their parents to buy them a hamster but their parents don't let because they had bad memories about their past hamsters. When there nana dies their mom lets them get a hamster!
Louis Stevenson
A kid named Davie had just lost his parents and now he is going to live with his really harsh uncles .He finds out he is going on a trip on a ship but, when he goes on the ship his uncle gets off the ship and goes on a miniature boat and leaves Davie on the ship! Davie finds a caring man that is going to get killed for his gold and saves him and they have many adventures together.
15.Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens
Oliver is a orphan boy that is beat whenever he asked for food or when he forgets a day a funeral man cam and adopted hi. The man was very harsh and he made the Oliver sleep in the basement were he kept all the coffins were! The next morning he ran away to London just to get away from all the harsh people he used to have to live with. Read the book to hear all about his crazy adventures!
16.Bone the old man cave
Jeff Smith
The bone book is about two bone creatures that are suppose to be murdered by the rat creatures A girl named rose is a princess so they want to murder her too because she is in a higher position that the king of rat creatures. They are now trying to murder the hole town because the princess is hiding and the rat creatures can not find her. Rose and the two bone creatures meet up and go on a very scary adventure.
17.Diary of a Wimpy Kid The third wheel
Jeff Kinney
Greg Heffley is a boy that went to middle school and wasn't popular at all. When the middle school Valentine's Day Dance was coming up he has a really hard time finding a girl to go with him because mostly all of them were already with a guy except for a girl that was named Abigail. She had just broken up with her boyfriend so Greg asked her to go with him and his friend Rowley and she said yes. It was a disaster because Rowley practically was the main guy and was with her the whole time!
18.The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn
Mark Twain
A boy named Huckleberry Finn is a boy that usually lives on the streets because his dad is the town drunk. He goes on all sorts of adventures and, once he saved a slave with his friend Tom. His dad dies and he ends up living with Toms aunt and uncle.
19.The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.
Barbra Robinson
The Herdmans are the worst kids in the neighborhood that do the worst things possible to do in a neighborhood. One day they join a Christmas pageant that a boy told them about and everyone thinks it is going to be the worst Christmas pageant ever. At the end of the story it turns out to be the best Christmas pageant ever.
20.Hate That Cat
Sharon Creech
Hate that cat is a book that is told by poems and riddles. In the beginning the little girl hates cats because there is a cat in the neighborhood that scratches her and bites he. Towards the end her parents get her a kitten and she loves it! Then it got lost and the next morning the big mean can brought it back home. So then she started liking cats but mainly;y her cat.
21.Hugo Cabret
Brian Selznick
A boy named Hugo lives with his dad that goes to work everyday and Hugo has to stay home and program clocks. One day Hugo's dad was at work doing a project in the attic and the security man did not know he was in their so he closed it and later that nigh there was a fire and Hugo's dad died.Now Hugo has to live with his harsh uncle. One day his uncle went to work and never came back! Now Hugo is on his own with no one to help.
22. Choclate ants, Magot Chees, and More.
22.Alvin and Virginia and Laura Silverstein Nunn
This book is about what people eat in different parts of the world. Most of the bugs that we see are actually a great snack with lots of vitamins and calcium! Some parts of the world people eat bugs poop as Coffee. From my opinion I think bugs would be great to eat and really healthy. There are some foods that are really good for you, but that food smells so bad that you can not bring it into vehicles and hotels!
23.Gifted Hands
Ben Carson story
Ben was the class dummy with a mom, a brother, but no dad. He and his brother usually got F's! When they had to move, it was very hard for Ben to make friends because at all school there was a different way to be popular. Ben and his brother barley got to see their mom because their dad took all of their money and left with a other lady! Sonya Carson had to work many jobs. When Sonya Carson constantly saw their bad grades she mad new rules in the house that would make the boys smarter. After Ben started to pray to God he had fewer issues than before. When Ben start growing he was positive God wanted his to become some sort of doctor. When Ben became really smart his dream came true! He became a very important doctor! He would help take apart people's heads that were connected when they were born. He one also helped a girl with seizures. One time two 29 year old girls had their heads together and they were risking their lives! It took Ben Carson about 53 hours and they sadly died. Ben was a very important man back then and he still is now.
24.How To Steal a Dog
Barbara O Connor
Georgina is a girl that lives with her mom and her brother. Her dad left her and took all the money so they live in a car! She is desperate to live in a home where she will not have to hide from people so they don't see that she lives in a rusty old car. Her mom is working working for several jobs and is still not paid enough to live in a real home so Georgina is thinking of a plan to earn money. One day she saw a poster that had a $500 reward for finding a lost dog. Then she figured out a plan! She would steal a dog and wait until the person puts up a reward! One day after school her and her brother go out to look for a dog just right. They found a dog named Willy and they both knew he was just right. Now they are having some trouble planning out how to do it and what to do with it.
25.Incredible Captures
Bill Morgan
When John List murders his three children his wife and his mom i hope he knows he is in trouble. So it all stared one day when a letter came from the ban and said they are going to take away their home. That's when John List said to himself that he didn't want his family to be homeless, so he killed all of they and changed his name and moved. When his new wife figures this out she panics but she knows its what is right. Now she lives with her friends with loneliness and sorrow.